Cheap Campervan Rental in Spain

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Cheap campervan rental in Spain

Mad Campers offers cheap campervan rental in Spain. If you are planning a trip through Spain in a campervan and don't want to spend all your budget on the vehicle, you've come to the right place.

Mad Campers offers cheap campervans rental in Spain, with delivery in Barcelona and Tarragona, in Catalonia, Spain. We have vans professionally equipped with everything you need to make the best trip with your partner, friends or family.

Choose the camper that best suits with you and start your adventure.

Cheap campervan rental in Spain

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Mad Camper offers cheap campervan rental in Spain, because we know the advantages of traveling in a Campervan and we want you to enjoy it too.

We have been traveling in a campervan for many years now, crossing the mountains, beaches, villages and corners of this beautiful country. We know well the incredible advantages of this type of traveling, as well as the needs of the travelers and the equipment that a van must have. For us this is, without any doubt, the best way to travel, especially around Spain. With a campervan, you can overnight anywhere, have breakfast by the sea or sleeping under the shade of a pine forest. Traveling in a campervan is taking your home wherever you go. It is synonymous with freedom.

cheap campervan rental in Spain

We are specialist in campervan travelling and vanlife. We camper our own vans so we can offer you cheap campervan rental in Spain.

However, most of the campervans in the market are brand new and equipped from the factory. Their rental costs are therefore, in accordance to that quality, but some travelers cannot or do not want afford these prices.

Our idea is to offer almost the same (or similar) but by much less.  If you don not need the very late-model campervan, but you want to sleep very comfortable and also have more budget for your trip, you have found what you need.


Mad Campers has three types of campervans to suit your needs and your pocket. All vans are equipped with double bed, kitchen, indoor table, cooking and cleaning items and picnic table and chairs. Our classic Volkswagen also have secondary battery and fridge. You will find more information about our campervans in the section ‘Campervans‘ in the main menu.

The Mad Campers vans are not new but are maintained with love. Mad Campers guarantees the periodic supervision, good condition and safety of the vans.

Ask us anything you need, we can also advise you about places to visit, where to overnight with your van, best climbing crags or beaches, etc. We will be always glad to help you, we have personalized telephone assistance 24 hours, 365 days of the year. We also recommend you to visit our blog for more information and advises about traveling in a van in Spain.


Your best campervan holidays...

Like at home everywhere you go...

…because traveling in a camper van does not have to be so expensive.

Contact us and we will help you to realize the trip you have dreamed.