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My name is Rosa, I was trained as a doctor in biology and I used to work as a researcher. I am a rock climber in my free time and a mother all the time. My first car was an Opel Corsa from the 80s of a horrible green color, which worked great. We called it Ópel Cursi. Then, I had to unfold my sleeping bag in the shelter of the little car and sleep with my nose cold. At that time, camper vans were barely visible, but some climbers began to install a simple bed in their C15s, leaving the tents and nights in the open behind.

It has rained since then and those who previously slept under the stars, now rest in motorhomes equipped with every detail.


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My favorite sport, the one that has led me to sleep in a van in many beautiful places, has been rock climbing. Traveling by camper was and still is the best way to settle in a perfect place and climb until you get fed up. The car parks in the climbing areas become small mobile villages inhabited by people of all nationalities.

And it is climbing and living in a van when you realize that you do not need much more to be happy.

I moved to one of the climbing capitals in Spain (Siurana) about 3 years ago. It was here, surrounded by an international community of climbers, that I realized that there were many climbers looking for simple and affordable campers to make their climbing trips through Spain. Hence the idea of ​​Mad Campers became.

I started with two basic vehicles that began to circulate in the hands of not only climbers but also other travelers who wanted to try the experience. With the latter, I enjoyed being able to share such an enriching experience with people from different environments.

Since then, there have been many climbers of various nationalities who have been able to make their climbing trip for long periods, thanks to having a camper that adjusted to their needs. Many travelers from different countries have traveled through Spain in a Mad Camper and have been able to complete their trip thanks to having an economical vehicle. Also, many people have been able to enjoy their first experience in a camper and feel the freedom to live more in contact with nature.

The idea is to be able to continue offering to all those who look for it, a different way of traveling, away from luxuries, a simple way to get closer to your more animal essence.