Mad Manifest




In the following manifest we want to show what means for us the vanlife. This is a set of principles and ideas on which our project is based on.




To live in a campervan is to choose freedom; freedom of movement, freedom of choice, freedom to adapt to the intrinsic mutability of life. When you live in a camper you choose when and where; when and where to end your day, when and where to wake up, when and where to change direction.





Living in a campervan is choosing to get closer to nature. To stay away from the noise of urban life in order to be able to connect with the landscape and thus, to be able to connect better with yourself. When you live in camper, you choose to live in a forest, next to the sea or near the mountains. If it rains, you hear the noise of the drops hitting very closely, and when you wake up, you step barefoot on the grass.




Rent a campervan is to choose the minimum, the simple. It is choosing to move around this world with little luggage. It is to get used to living with few objects, but many landscapes. Traveling by camper is choosing the experience over the material. It is living in the minimum space necessary because when you travel by camper, your real home is out there.





When you live in a rental camper you choose to BE, to leave aside the noise of a confusing world of excesses and to listen to your inner sound. It is to better find yourself accompanied by the sea or the wind. To see the sunsets every day, to feel the morning cold that bristles your skin, to eat breakfast slowly and sleep well.





Choosing to travel in a campervan is, for us, to decide on doing what makes you feel good, what moves you, what connects you with yourself and with the world. Traveling or living in a camper is being able to spend as much time as you want practising your particular dance with nature; surfing on the waves, runing fast and light on trails, climbing a mountain or a wall or sking on the snow.