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Campervan rental Berlingo

Our campervan rental more ‘Compact’

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Campervan rental Berlingo, our most economic and compact option.

Many times the best experiences happen when we least expect them, like when we end up improvising a trip. Our Compact Campervan is full of those experiences. Cheap but reliable, this is our original style campervan for the budget conscious traveler. Thus, this rental campervan has all the features you need without the bells and whistles, so you can spend less on hire transport and accommodation and more on yourself!

Our campervan rental  Berlingo, the ‘Compact’, is a Citroen Berlingo. This van has air conditioning, stereo with AUX input and power windows. The van is very comfortable to handle and has a very moderate diesel consumption.

This camper has a very functional equipment that takes full advantage of the features and dimensions of the van. A timber module installed in the trunk transforms into a double bed of 125 x 190 cm in a single motion. On the back, two drawers give access to a gas kitchenette and a water container with tap, as well as leaving space for luggage. Inside, a portable table can be installed, creating a small stay to read or work. The equipment includes all accessories for cooking and cleaning, picnic table and chairs, and insulating thermals windows. If you need more space, please let us know and we will install a trunk on the roof. We can also add portable shower, linen and portable gas heating, under request.

The vehicle has a roof tent that has a large double bed especially ideal for sleeping in spring or summer.

This Campervan is ideal for lone travelers or couples. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday at low cost.

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Driving time

The Citroen Berlingo has five comfortable and spacious seats. The driving is easy and the consumption of the vehicle low. The car has radio with CD, mp3 and auxiliary audio input, air conditioning and power windows.

Dinner time

This van is equipped with a module that includes a cooking table, a gas kitchenette, a 25-liter water bottle with tap and cupboards where you will find everything you need (cutlery, crockery, pots and pans etc.) There is also a removable internal table to sit inside, and also picnic chairs and picnic table.


In only five minutes, a double bed, surprisingly spacious for the size of the van (125 x 190 cm), can be easily installed. Thermal insulates for the windows are included.

You can also open the roof tent and in just few seconds, have ample space to be or sleep.

Under request we also provided linens, duvet or sleeping bags, pillows and towels.




Motol diesel 1.9D, 69 hp

Average consumption 7 liters / 100 km


Electric windows

Radio CD, AUX


Two double beds

Interior little table

Gas cooker with charge included
Water can with tap
Portable solar panel
Cleaning kit (borehole, broom, scourer)
Cutlery, plates, cups
Frying pans, casseroles, salad bowl
Picnic table and chairs
USB charger
Thermal insulators windows

Low Season Mid Season High Season
Camper <15 days 15-21 days >30 days <15 days 15-21 days >30 days <15 days 15-21 days >30 days
Compacta 35 30 28 40 38 35 54 48 45
T4 Basic 42 35 30 50 45 40 60 55 50
T4 Premium 50 48 45 60 58 55 80 75 70
T4 California 55 52 50 65 62 60 85 80 75


Low Season: November 1 – December 4-20, 8-30 January, February and March

High Season: Easter, July, August, September 1-15.

Mid Season: the rest

These prices do not include compulsory insurance. The reservation of a camper implies the hiring of our full-risk insurance with a deductible of 600 euros (cost 7 euros / day for drivers over 25, 10 euros / day for drivers between 21 and 25 years).

The indicated price includes the following kilometers (excess mileage is charged at 20 cents per kilometer exceeded):
• 1-7 days: 250 km / day on average
• 8-15 days 150 km / day on average
•> 16 days 100 km / day on average (with a maximum of 3000 km in total per rental regardless of the number of days, for rentals over 3 months consult).