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 Campervan hire Volkswagen

Volkswagen T4 PREMIUM

Your little home on wheels


Campervan hire Volkswagen in Catalonia, Barcelona and Tarragona. 

Hire our classic VW T4 long version, professionally camperized and with all detail so you can enjoy an unforgettable trip. This van has a skylight, a rock and roll bed that transforms into a double bed of 130 x 190 cm, gas kitchenette, sink with tap, compressor fridge, stationary heating, table and plenty of space for your stuff. It also included a picnic table and chairs and thermal insulates for the windows. We can add a portable shower and linens upon request.

If you want to travel with your little house on, this is your option.

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volkswagen transporter

Driving Time

The Volkswagen Transporter Premium is very simple and comfortable to drive. It has three seats in the front. It has air conditioning, electric windows and CD radio. During the trip, you can stop at any time and rest or have lunch in the back, professionally equipped and very comfortable. Since this is the long version of the Transporter, there is a wide and nice space to stay in. It has a rock and roll bed, a small table, a gas kitchenette, sink with tap and a fridge.




transporter T4

Dinner Time

The rock and roll bed becames a double bed of 130 x 190 cm. The van has interior light and USB chargers. It is professionally insulated and thermal insulators for windows are also included. If you need it, we can also add bedding and a portable gas heating.

You will not miss any detail. You will sleep better than at home.


Diesel engine 1.9D, 78 hp

Average consumption 9 liters / 100 km


Power steering

Central locking

Electric windows

AUX car radio, Bluetooth


Double bed


Gas cooker with charge included

Interior table

Stationary heating

Sink with tap

Compressor fridge

Cleaning kit (borehole, broom, scourer)

Cutlery, plates, cups

Frying pans, casseroles, salad bowl

Secondary battery

USB charger and cigarette lighter

Interior light

Picnic table and chairs

Thermal insulators windows


Bedding (sheet and pillowcases)

Low Season Mid Season High Season
Camper <15 days 15-21 days >30 days <15 days 15-21 days >30 days <15 days 15-21 days >30 days
Compacta 35 30 28 40 38 35 54 48 45
T4 Basic 42 35 30 50 45 40 60 55 50
T4 Premium 50 48 45 60 58 55 80 75 70
T4 California 55 52 50 65 62 60 85 80 75


Low Season: November 1 – December 20, 8-30 January, February and March

High Season: Easter, July, August, September 1-15, October 12-15, October 30, November.

Mid Season: the rest

These prices do not include compulsory insurance. The reservation of a camper implies the hiring of our full-risk insurance with a deductible of 600 euros (cost 7 euros / day for drivers over 25, 10 euros / day for drivers between 21 and 25 years).

The indicated price includes the following kilometers (excess mileage is charged at 20 cents per kilometer exceeded):

  • 1-7 days: 250 km / day on average
  • 8-15 days 150 km / day on average
  • > 16 days 100 km / day on average (with a maximum of 3000 km in total per rental regardless of the number of days, for rentals over 3 months consult).