The perfect camper van for you


If you have decided to rent one of our campervans and do not know which will be the most suitable for you, this post can be of help.

It is likely that our first constraint is the available budget. The most economical Mad Camper will be a small Citroën Berlingo type model or similar. It is a very versatile and easy to drive van, with basic equipment but enough to spend a few days traveling with your partner or your little one, since it has five seats. If you need it, at Mad Campers we include a baby chair at no extra cost. The advantages of this van are the price of both rent and displacement, as it consumes little fuel. It is also very discreet and very easy to handle anywhere due to its size. It has a built-in kitchen and the bed is mounted very easily and quickly. The cons are the little space and having to assemble and disassemble the bed every time we want to move. It would be the perfect option for single travelers, very tight budgets, young people with little driving experience and weekend outings. 

If you can spend a little more, the second option in terms of price, the Basic T4, allows you to have much more space, has 4 seats so we can also travel with friends or children and you can stay inside cooking or whatever if necessary. The advantages are the simplicity to mount the bed without changing anything in the van (half of the bed is mounted during the trip), the availability of plenty of space, having secondary battery to charge what you need and how ease is of use. It is an ideal option for your vacation or weekend trip in summer, spring or fall.

Finally, our third model adds a series of amenities that makes it the best option for a not very high price difference that is definitely worth it. The T4 Premium is a much more complete camper and is the best option for the summer since it has a compressor fridge. It has a large space inside to be, running water and a comfortable double bed that is mounted with a simple system (it is a rock and roll bed, the classic sofa-bed with which the Volkswagen wetsfalia are equipped) . Finally it has stationary heating (it uses the fuel of the vehicle) so it is possible to sleep in winter with it on. This is undoubtedly the best option for long trips in any season of the year and of course, the recommended option for summer and winter.