Why traveling in a Camper van?

If you are considering making a trip in a camper van, you have already taken the first step, probably there is no going back and I assure you that you will not regret.

Traveling in Camper has many advantages and few disadvantages, not in vain is it increasingly the star way of travel.

A camper van allows you to move freely and take your home with you so it gives you the opportunity to make a flexible trip, make the stops you want, modify the trajectory of your journey without being subject to hotel reservations or similar. If you find yourself on the most amazing beach you have ever seen and want to have some macaroni while watching the sea, you can do it. You will sleep with the sound of the waves in the background and you will wake up with better views than those of any five star hotel, and also, for free.

Unlike the auto-caravans, many small and medium camper vans are quite discreet and you can park them and even sleep almost anywhere. In general in Spain, it is totally safe to sleep in a camper van, except perhaps in certain neighborhoods in large cities, where there is a risk of theft. There are restrictions for staying overnight, especially in high season (such as in nature parks, beaches and tourist areas), which must be respected, but it is always easy to find a nearby alternative.

In addition, a van is much more manageable and economical than a motorhome and can reach the same function, especially in summer where we spend most of the time outside and it is not necessary to have heating or any hot water shower.

On the other hand, if you are used to traveling in car and sleep in tent, you will enjoy even more the advantages of a camper. You will not depend on campsites (which in high season can be quite crowded and also the prices are high), you do not have to assemble or disarm tents, kitchens etc. You have a space to be, prepare a lunch etc., anywhere and at any time, while having the vehicle to move as if it were a car. viajar en camper españa

Whenever we travel in camper we must keep some basic rules of conduct so that everyone can continue to travel like this. It’s about having a little common sense and respect. In countries like France with a great tradition of caravans and camper, there are plenty of places to stop and spend the night, many of them free. It would be great if, over time, Spain has those services and facilitates this type of trip, which is becoming more common, but for that to happen we must be very respectful. It is advisable to be discreet, not to expand our belongings anywhere, for example if we are going to eat and we want to set up chairs and tables you have to find a suitable place, that does not bother or generate a bad visual impact. We must respect the parking areas, not occupy more space of a vehicle if there are more users, respect the limitations of time when there are, not generate waste and garbage, be clean when ‘we go to the bathroom’. One of the problems in common areas of overnight in van, is the existence of many fecal waste and paper that contaminate, disfigure and give odor. It is advisable to take a shovel and bury the waste, preferably away from the car park or do it in the indicated areas if there are any. It is also important to respect neighbors and not make noise at night or very early in the morning

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